Electrical Preventive Maintenance (EPM) is critical in industrial plants and commercial businesses, but what about your home or rental property? An EPM membership is an important way to avoid costly repairs, maintain your electrical system and prevent fires.  Additionally an EPM program is a great way to save you money! National companies advertise PM programs for homes, but our comprehensive ACES-EPM  is specifically designed to address coastal rental properties and homes.  

Annual Electrical System Inspection

  •   Tighten all lugs and screws in panel box (Amp draw causes heat which causes wire to contract and expand, loosening connections).
  • Verify main grounding system is intact and secure.
  • Verify amp draw,proper connection and wire size to each breaker.  Eliminate “double-taps”,
  • Check proper voltage at service and main panel.
  • Inspect and test GFI’s and AFI’s.
  • Check electrical connections at Heating and Air system, Range, Water Heater and other major appliances.
  • Test receptacles and switches for proper connections and polarity.
  • Check outside/ocean side fixtures,receptacles and switches . Replace screws with stainless steel screws as needed.
  • Provide email report with photos of suggested repairs or NEC Code violations.

 Benefits of ACES-EPM 

  • PEACE OF MIND: Potential problems are spotted before rental season. Prevent potential fires and loss of rental income. 
  •  PRIORITY SERVICE: Our members enjoy the advantage of being scheduled first.  Members do not pay trip charges, after-hours, or weekend charges.
  •  DISCOUNTS: You receive a 15% discount on all repairs.
  •  RECORD KEEPING: We will keep detailed record of suggested repairs and work done to your home. 
Cost of ACES-EPM
*** ANNUAL FEE: $150.00 ***
For questions about this membership, please call (910) 367-2379 or email